Sketch of person in hospital bed with bright lights

1984 Diary Wednesday 11th April, Hospital Pituitary X-ray

Didn’t go out at all but the weather looked quite sunny.

Woke up very early, after not a lot of sleep. I think it’s the light that really gets me in hospital. They have to leave some lights on for the nurses.

Felt a bit nervous this morning but I missed mum and dad more. Dad came in at 8am, which was lovely and I had a little sob, that made me feel better.

Had a pre-med at 9am. My mouth was dry enough as it was, having not drunk since 11pm last night. I had an anaesthetic in the X-ray room and it’s funny how quickly you just go to sleep. Woke up feeling parched but I still couldn’t drink for another 3 hours.

I also needed the loo but couldn’t go in a bed pan and so when dad came back he carried me to the toilet. I could not walk then because of the incision on the top of my thigh, where the dye went in for a clearer image of my pituitary gland. It was extremely uncomfortable, as I did walk a bit this evening, when they didn’t think it would bleed.

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