1984 Diary Thursday 12th April, Special Treat

Another nice day, I think, but I’m writing this on Sunday so can’t really remember!

It was my free day today in hospital, as nothing was going to happen to me. My leg is still a bit sore, but the bruise has come out now and I can walk more easily. Dad didn’t come till this afternoon, so I did some chemistry but it’s very difficult to concentrate in a hospital.

Dad and I went for a drink in the art gallery Café and then on the way back bought some sweets and a puzzle book. Went back to the hospital for about an hour and then dad took me out for the evening. First we went to Hyde Park and had a nice little walk (I couldn’t walk far!). We then drove around for a bit, sightseeing.

At 7.30pm dad took me to the Savoy Riverside restaurant as a treat. We both had a gorgeous time. The service is amazing there, as soon as dad dirtied his ashtray, a little man would come running and give us a clean one. Also before we went in, 4 waiters asked us if we wanted anything! I got so full up, as the food was delicious but very rich. It was a superb evening and we were right by the window, which overlooks the river. What amazed us both is that we stayed there 2 1/2 hours and it certainly didn’t seem like that.

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