1984 Diary Friday April 13th

A beautiful day, it really was. It actually felt like Spring, as it was warm and sunny.

Didn’t sleep too badly. I got fairly bored this morning, as the ward was almost empty. There was only me and B left. Did my puzzle book but I started two as I couldn’t finish them. The clues are quite hard, so I gave up in the end and waited for dad to come and help.

He came at 10 and at 10:45 I had my test. Dr D did it and when she put the needle in it slipped and god was it painful. It was the insulin tolerance test I was having, which I had had about two years ago. The needle was in for one and a half hours but it went surprisingly quickly, as dad was doing a puzzle with me. Well actually he did most of it, as I still couldn’t get the clues.

Went home after the test and I rested most of the afternoon. It’s nice to be home though. Oh, I received some lovely letters from school, that was really nice.

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