1984 Diary Monday 16th April

I’m now half way through the 30 days of my childhood diary, to raise awareness of pituitary conditions. If you need any advice The Pituitary Foundation have lots of information and I hope you’re able to donate to them too.

Sunny but cool and we had the odd heavy shower.

Felt much better today. I started another double acrostic puzzle but didn’t finish it. At 11am mum, my brother and I went to town. It’s the start of the Easter school holidays, not that it makes much difference to me with hospital visits.

I looked for some sandals, but no avail which isn’t surprising I suppose! I did get the most gorgeous boiler suit though and a white T-shirt. Mum and I were very pleased that my brother also bought some jeans and white boots (very flashy!). I went to town again with dad this afternoon, as I forgot to get nightwear this morning. We also looked for a fountain pen but it seems that Watermans has gone out of existence.

Had to go back to hospital this evening. Dad took me and I was nervous before we went, but felt okay when we arrived. 

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