1984 Diary Thursday 19th April, Post Hospital Op

Still no idea what the weather was like.

Mum and dad arrived very early 7:30 am, which was very good of them. I’m still copying dad‘s notes as I haven’t a clue what happened but dad said I was better. I had my first drink of water this morning apparently and then carried on steadily drinking.

I also had a headache but I was slightly more aware of what was happening by the evening, so dad wrote. (I haven’t a clue as I am writing this on the 9th of May and it was only the day after my operation.) The constant monitoring of my blood pressure, pulse and temperature was stopped, so I must have been better.

Dad went home for six hours but mum stayed. The nurse J was on again tonight, but I must admit I haven’t a clue what he is like. I really can’t remember much of this either! It’s hardly surprising I suppose being the day after my operation. Dad was so good writing notes for me.

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