1984 Diary Friday 20th April

Still haven’t a clue about the weather but my brother has been recording the temperature for me, at home.

Dad says I slept well, which is good isn’t it. Mind you I then got very uncomfortable. Dad arrived at 7 am, he was so good. It’s funny writing all this from dad‘s notes a few weeks later, as I can’t remember it at all.

I had the drain from my head removed this afternoon and that is one thing I do vaguely remember now. At 5:50pm I sat up and had my first food, yoghurt. J and P came later this afternoon and I had my remaining tubes removed. I don’t remember either of those events.

Dad wrote down that I had an uncomfortable evening and I used the bed pan. I also had a second yoghurt and a marmite finger. It’s really peculiar writing these things down as I really don’t recollect them and very thankful to dad for writing me notes I can copy up.

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