1984 Diary Easter Monday 23rd April

Very hot and sunny. In fact so hot my mum tells me that she went home to collect summer clothes and flip flops! She found the under floor heating in Great Ormond Street Hospital too hot as well. A bit of a contrast to 2024, where we seem to have gone back to winter!

Mum came back today with G and P and again I don’t remember a thing about them coming I’m afraid but I suppose expected really, as I wasn’t with it.

R also came with her parents apparently. All I vaguely remember about that is us talking and probably joking about my head bandage. I asked R if she had been the previous day, as she had left me an Easter egg but also at work she had said she would come this Monday, as they were going to a concert in London. I had remembered her saying that she would visit today, when I found out what day it was. My long term memory seems fine.

Dad has written in his diary I wasn’t feeling too good and I certainly know I couldn’t remember a thing about R’s visit later on.

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