1984 Diary Saturday 28th April

Mum arrived at Great Ormond Street Hospital at 8.30am this morning (she was good wasn’t she, as mum usually gets up an hour later, if that). Dad’s written that I had a new head bandage. He and my brother arrived at 2.30pm, after a large meal at ‘My Old Dutch’ the pancake place.

Dad very kindly then took all of us for a drive by the river Thames. It was lovely and I was in the front so I could see much more and it was more comfortable for my head. We then sat in Queens Square and I had an ice cream with a double scoop of strawberry and mint chocolate chip. It was delicious.

Mum and my brother had to go at 5pm and dad stayed. It was really a lovely afternoon and to top it, I had my hair washed and that felt gorgeous. My hair was getting a bit itchy and greasy and it’s so much more comfortable now.

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