1984 Diary Sunday 29th April, Hospital Radio

Ke and I had a little wander around the hospital, as we were both feeling a bit restless, so I pushed her in her wheelchair.

I remember the next days well now, which is good, as I’m looking through dad’s notes a month later. I had a good lunch again, which I certainly appreciated!

I went to Radio GOSH this afternoon (the in-house hospital radio) and told them about my interests and school etc.

Stylised photo of me at my local hospital radio, not GOSH

It was great fun, I really enjoyed myself and they very kindly let me choose a present afterwards, I got a puzzle. Honestly it was such fun and I talked away quite easily, probably too much!

Dad came at 3pm and took mum to the train station. Dad and I then went for a walk in Regent’s park and I had a lolly, which had it’s weight on the packet, amazing! (I had to monitor what I ate and drank, as a check for diabetes insipidus, now called vasopressin deficiency) It was a pleasant walk and made a change to the usual park.

K and C came at 5.30pm, C’s dad having given them a lift. We went for a little walk in Queens Square and then up to ward 5D, mainly as I still hadn’t been up yet and I wanted to show them. They then had to go sadly but it was good of them to pop in. I think it was because C’s dad had to visit someone in London or something like that. Anyway it was a nice surprise, as I wasn’t expecting them.

Tried to watch Young Musician of the Year but it was just too noisy in the ward to concentrate.

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