Work Room View

Today I thought I’d share the view from my art room. My desk, where I paint from, is facing the window and although it’s not the most wonderful view I love my little garden and seeing the sky. The last 2 jobs I had as an employee were both based in rooms with very little natural light, so I really appreciate seeing the outside world when working.


However there can be irritations being close to nature! If you look closely on the shed roof on the right there is a baby seagul. Now as you can probably tell from my glass painting I like animals but this bird has been driving me mad and although it looks dead here trust me it isn’t! For the last 3 days it has squaked constantly, jumping over the roofs and falling over numerous times with a thud, as it learns to walk I presume, making me jump every time. On top of this is all the bird mess and being intimidated by its mother every time I go into the garden!

I suppose he/she has inspired me to write this post but I hope it learns to fly soon and flys away!