Unnatural Nature

First an update on the baby seagull. Still squawking and falling over and making mess! It’s not just humans he/shes disturbing either but my poor 16yr old cat, who normally likes to sit in the conservatory but is being unsettled by the seagull plodding along the roof.

Anyway this got me thinking about nature in unnatural habitats. I don’t mind seagulls by the sea and somehow they sound happier there. However when they nest in a city they become a nuisance. It is interesting how animals have adapted to manmade developments, often attracted by food I guess. I recently watched a programme ‘Unnatural History of London’  (Unnatural History of London). The thing that really stuck in my mind was the fact that pigeons are now riding on tubes on the London Underground. It is amazing but the pigeons have learnt to wait for the doors to open, hop on the tube and then they get off at the next tube stop, usually finding crumbs to eat on the journey! I recommend watching this programme if you have time. So although many of us live in cities we are sharing our lives with lots of wildlife, in many more ways than we realise.

Is this a good thing and are the animals happy in built up environments? It may just be my imagination that seagulls sound happier by the sea and I guess if living inland guarantees their survival then that is good. We also get the opportunity to observe nature close at hand. What do you think?

Here is my latest picture that I will make into a photo card, which includes my hand painted sheepdog and seagulls!