Fond Farewell

All of you who have owned animals will understand this. I had to put my 16yr old cat to sleep at the weekend, 2 months after losing her brother and this is the reason for lack of blogs last week. She had tumours in her stomach and other complications, so there was no question that it was the right thing to do but of course still upsetting and the house now feels very empty. Her brother died of a blood clot or possibly brain tumour. It seems that cats are very good at hiding any illness.

They were great cats that I’ve had since kittens, moved house with me 4 times and constantly entertained with their antics. Despite their age they still chased each other around the house, had boxing matches up until May this year and made me shout at them when things went crashing to the floor! Such intelligent animals too. A great thing to witness was my male cat, twice the size of his sister, chasing her through the cat flap. She was much quicker than him and would go through the cat flap, stop abruptly the other side and stop him from getting through by putting her paw against the flap door when he tried to push it! Brilliant and so funny to watch.

Lots of happy memories and of course I have my painted glasses as a keepsake and my arpglassdesigns avatar.

So life moves on and I’m back to painting again. Today I’ve started painting a horse for the first time. I’m painting him on a glass paper weight, which is easier as it is a flat surface. Generally happy with his shape but I’m having a bit of trouble trying to get the right beige colour for the mane. Beige I tend to get right first time or it takes me ages! Hopefully he will be ready to go in my Folksy shop by the end of the week.

6 thoughts on “Fond Farewell”

  1. Hi Annabel, sorry to hear about sad losses.. I had two cats in Indonesia (before I got married and moved to Japan).. Both cats died of illness and just looking at their photos will bring me tears.. It’s so sweet that you painted cats on glasses in memory of your cat.. 🙂
    Do you make glass cabochon?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. I’m slowly getting used to life without my cats and I’ve found the one plus is I can leave food on the table without a cat tasting it!

      I don’t make glass cabochon I’m afraid, I purely paint on glassware. There are lots of sellers on and that do though.

  2. Hi Annabel,

    Sorry to hear of your two sad losses with your beloved cats. I know how U must feel, however, as U say U have Happy Memories & they will be in your heart forever!

    I hope to see U @ next Girls’ Nite Out @ Sidmouth on Thursday 27th Sept if u can make it.

    I think Ur very talented/artistic with your painting etc.

    Lorna (Brown)

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