Folksy Friday

Friday already, where does the time go? Well I am now in possession of a new mobile camera phone. I was brave and ordered a 2nd hand Nokia N8 from ebay! This was my first attempt at bidding and with trial and error and a few failed bids, I eventually won an auction. The purchase went smoothly and I’m happy to say the mobile is as described. Although I’ve not had much chance to test it out with the stormy weather we’ve had the camera seems to be very good, even in low light conditions. Just as well living in Britain!

I will post some photos using the N8 in my next blog but today I will share a great blog which gives gift ideas for men, as many of us need inspiration and a very wise pinterest board, not just because it includes my owl!

Blog by Linda at GreatGreenDreams
Wise and Wonderful pinterest board by Linzi Preston