Oh dear, hadn’t realised it was quite so long since I wrote my last blog post! In my defence I have been away for some of that time and I’ve been experimenting with combining acrylic painting with glass painting.
As you probably now know I love trying new ideas but this time I am sticking to my animal theme and it is in response to Royal Mail’s postage increases. Considering most of my painted glass will have to be posted as a medium parcel, the postage is now rediculously expensive. Luckily I do sell locally as well but I have explored couriers and will probably now use them for any parcels that need to be posted over 2kg.

As most paintings fit into the small parcel posting category being no more than 8cm deep, it got me thinking how I could incorprate glass painting into a picture. I enjoy working with acrylics and got the idea of glass painting onto the glass frame over an acrylic painting, which might give a nice effect. So here is the first stage acrylic painting, based on a garden in Devon:


I then painted a kingfisher onto the picture frame glass, using glass paint.


I’m pleased with the result, it gives an extra dimension to the painting, although I appreciate it is hard to tell from a photograph. Do you like it or prefer more traditional paintings? Blame royal mail if you don’t!