Black and White, colour or not?

I promise not to bamboozle you with science but there are 2 schools of thought on this!

Artists appreciate that black can be created by mixing different colours but white cannot. However scientists would say black is not a colour because black objects don’t reflect any colours of light whereas we see white when an object reflects all the light frequencies.  I’ve written a poem which hopefully might explain the theory better!


Light is a form of energy
an electro magnetic force.
It ripples through space and earth
and makes colour during its course.

Electromagnetic waves are what the ripples are called.
Our eyes are sensitive to some of these
called visible light of course.

Visible light is white light
but made of many colours,
the colours of a rainbow
green, blue to yellow, indigo.

The objects that we see are coloured by light,
they absorb most of the waves but reflect the colour they like.
Green leaves reflect the green, red roses red,
mix up the colours and a new shade is set.

If you like black and white things, whether or not they are classed as colours, here’s a selection. This first one is a preview of my new glass pendants. I’m now painting my animals in miniature including cats, dogs, horses, birds, dragonfly and even a peacock!

The following are a selection from other crafters. If you would like more information just click on the photograph to go to their shop. To see more black and white handmade items visit my pinterest board


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  1. Linda (@greatgreendream)

    Great blog, lovely selection. Thank you for showingh my hat, much appreciated. Love the poem.


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