Seasons Greetings

Robin tealight holder
I’ve been busy with craft fairs, commissions and on- line orders, which has been great. I’m glad I postponed the rest of my alphabet challenge until the new year, as I don’t think I would have coped! Slowed down the week before Christmas only for me to get the dreaded cold. I always get at least one every winter but at least I got it at a quieter time!

Sorry I’ve not managed any Lottie updates but she is doing well. Loves playing, with her favourite toy being a fabric ball and chasing things. It’s great watching her acting out catching prey. She tosses her toys in the air and chases them round the laminate floor, often catching them and taking her ‘prey’ to her hidey hole (under a throw covered chair). Who’d have thought laminate/ wood flooring is not only easy to keep clean but makes a great skating rink for cats!

So cheers to you all and your animals and to a healthy happy 2014!

Holly Robin glasses