Buyer beware on Paypal

In a nutshell if you’re purchasing an item over ¬£100 use a credit card not via PayPal, for extra protection should things go wrong.

PayPal do offer some protection but not as comprehensive as section 75 on credit cards. My tale relates to a second hand laptop I bought on eBay because I wanted windows 7 not 8. Unfortunately I’ve had lots of problems with it and the seller didn’t respond, so I contacted PayPal.

Their resolution service is not very good, lacks detailed communication and you have no idea whPeacock glassat was put in thewpid-img_20150609_140824.jpg claim if done over the phone ( which I did of course because my laptop wasn’t working at the time!). In addition to this once they close the case it cannot be reopened or appealed. In hindsight I should have logged into my PayPal account and provided more information but I trusted the details I gave to the staff member were passed on.

So lovely readers use your credit card for higher priced items. Money saving expert has more information

On a lighter note due to computer problems I’ve been painting more! These are my latest glass paintings, apologies for the rather grey photos, they were taken on a cloudy day!

Heather Gorse May 2015 Primroses butterfly bowl May 2015