1984 Diary Wednesday 25th April

Writing this up on 24th May 1984. I’m feeling much better (so dad’s written) and I had my stitches out, hurray! I still had to wear a bandage though but in a way I felt better with one on, especially when going outside, as I was afraid of bits getting in my hair.

S came to see me from Devon, which was extremely nice of her and she gave me some chocolate kittens. I wanted to show her ward 5D, where I had spent a lot of time having tests, so she pushed me up in a wheelchair.

I have received quite a few cards and I do actually remember showing them to S. She and I also tried to work out the radio watch I’d been given as a present. It really was nice to see her today.

I had mum’s homemade shepherds pie apparently, which I can only remember very vaguely.

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