1984 Diary, Thursday 26th April

Written up 24th May 1984 using dad’s notes.

I had a bath this morning, which I remember quite well and it was nice at the time but I felt so tired afterwards. It drained me, even though it wasn’t that hot.

Mum pushed me around the nearby park in a wheelchair and it was very uncomfortable. Any slight crack or bump in the ground my head felt.

IPad sketch on Coram’s Fields photograph

Anyway on the way back I had an ice cream, which was good.

C apparently came to visit me on her way back from France, which was very nice of her. Unfortunately I didn’t remember her visit at all afterwards and so I don’t remember it now, almost a month later! I knew she’d been though because she left me some French sweets.

Dad came at 5.30pm and G and P also popped in. My tummy was feeling uncomfortable all day and strangely I remember that very well. Dad has put that I also had a headache in the evening, which I don’t remember.

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