You may have guessed from the title my rescue cat is now with me and I was greeted with lots of meows!


I’ve called her Lottie, the third consideration after Bella and Millie.  She was found in a shopping car park, is between 1-2 yrs old and had been with Cats Protection for 3 months. I can’t imagine anyone abandoning her, as she has a wonderful temperament, is very affectionate and well behaved. Although I appreciate people do get into financial difficulties or have to move into rented accommodation that doesn’t allow animals or she may have got lost.


On Lottie’s first day she took no time at all to settle in. Within an hour she was tormenting the neighbours dog through the window! Then having had a good explore, she came and sat on my lap for lots of cuddles. She’s not allowed in my work room but has accepted this, glass and paint don’t mix too well with cats!

Lottie day 2
Lottie making herself at home

My alphabet art challenge is of course still continuing and this week is the letter ‘I’. I did think of naming my cat something beginning with ‘I’ for my challenge but that seemed a bit extreme! Lottie suits her, so it’s an iguana, Irish setter or anything else you can think of.

Have a good week and I’ll be back Friday with the results plus more cat updates I expect!

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