Art Challenge Iguana, Dog & Cat Update!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I started this alphabet challenge. The good thing is I am still very much enjoying it!

There were not too many choices for the letter I and I’ve gone for an Iguana ACEO and an Irish Setter dog SFA painting (small format art, as explained in last weeks post).

For the Iguana painting I ended up making it a bit of a party, with 4 very miniature iguanas!

Iguana Gathering w

Both are mixed media with the animals as usual painted on acetate with glass paint and overlaid on top of the acrylic painting. For the  Irish Setter I decided to paint the other side of the acetate with white paint because the background was showing through making him look darker and this worked. The other option was to do another layer of paint but I felt I may have lost the colour I had achieved.

Here he is on a 10 by 10 inch canvas

Irish Red Setter Dog w

With regards to my new cat Lottie she is wonderful. A very happy cat with a lovely temperament, who greets all visitors. She has spent every evening on my lap or sitting next to me and loves cuddles. The only negative has been very sharp claws, leaving me with tiny scratches, so I’m quite glad to be wearing warmer, thicker clothes now the weather has got cooler!

I have a scratching post but initially she wouldn’t use it. This is where the power of catnip comes in handy, I rubbed some on the scratching post and straight away she was using it and has done ever since 🙂 Here’s a photo I took soon after adding the catnip.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog, any suggestions for next weeks letter J welcome. I’ve not had time to search out a business whose name begins with I this week, so if you know any animal related businesses beginning with the letter J do let me know for next week.