Cat watching tv!

My cat Lottie has become fascinated by the television. It started with nature programmes, when she goes right up to the tv in response to animal sounds, she also reacts to babies crying.

Today she takes after me and is into art! Whether it was the brush strokes or Bob Ross’s voice Lottie watched intently, as though she wanted to learn how to paint!


Do any of your animals watch television and if so anything in particular?

My next post will include my letter O alphabet challenge. I’ve not managed to do it yet due to a cold and more exciting some of my miniature aceo paintings are now on display in a local cafe. Cafe36 is in Cowick st, Exeter and regularly display artists work. It’s a lovely busy cafe with great food too!

5 thoughts on “Cat watching tv!”

  1. My old dog used to ignore most of the TV, except for the odd nature program, and sometimes sports programs if balls were being thrown 😉 He never evolved as far as art shows though!

    Hope the exhibition goes well, what wonderful news 🙂

  2. That is so sweet! You will have to set her up with an easel, a brush and some paint to see if it sunk in 😉 Congratulations in the exhibition. How exciting to see your work on display!

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