Something fishy for the letter U!

The letter U choice for my animal alphabet challenge was quite limited. There are Umbrella birds believe it or not, who have feathers shaped like an umbrella on the top of their heads. However after all the rain we’ve had in the UK, I reckon we’ve seen enough umbrellas!

So I chose sea urchins to paint. Urchins come in an array of colours and are often called sea hedgehogs, with spines that radiate from the body. There are about 700 different species. I painted two in my usual method with glass paint on acetate over an acrylic painting. It is an aceo art card size 2.5 by 3.5 inches.

Urchin flash w

I also painted a unicorn a while back, so not really part of my challenge but prints are available on a bookmark. Please do click on the photos to see more. I had a hiccup with my website shop, which thankfully a customer let me know about, but it should be functioning now!

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and please do pop back next week for the letter V, I’m happy to receive suggestions of V animals you’d like me to paint too 🙂

Unicorn Bookmark
Unicorn Bookmark

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