V for a Vampire!

Firstly thanks to Stephie from Stephanie Guy Fine Art for suggesting vampire animals, they hadn’t occurred to me and all I came up with was a vole or vulture!

So here is my vampire bat, painted on a pendant.

Bat pendant

Most bats eat insects or fruit but the vampire bat feeds on blood. Amazingly they are able to detect infrared radiation to locate blood hot spots! Bats are the only mammals capable of sustained flight, using their limbs as webbed wings but vampire bats can also run. Isn’t nature incredible.

With Spring on it’s way I’ve decided to have a clear out and make way for some new things. Seemed the ideal opportunity to have a sale on my facebook page, 7 items so far. Do have a browse and happy to post abroad too Sale album

Next week is W, probably the easiest of the 4 letters left!