A caption competition seemed a good idea at the time but with no entries, it obviously wasn’t 😐 No worries, I will write about bits and bobs instead and hopefully something else will interest or inspire you!

First up I wanted to share a wonderful way to deter ants from your house. I’d not had a problem before but last week I suddenly had ants crawling all over my kitchen floor and onto the work tops. I hate killing any animals but resorted to treading on a few, sadly my cat showed no interest whatsoever! Cleaning the kitchen floor helped but only for a day and I was unable to trace where they were getting in.

Not wanting to use toxic chemicals I did a search for a better way that didn’t resort to killing them. Ants are mostly harmless and do a lot of good in the garden eating fly, silverfish, flea larvae as well as improving the soil. I therefore didn’t want to eradicate them as any help reducing the greenfly population in my garden is appreciated!

My solution was soapy water, which incidentally I’ve used for many years with greenfly infestations. I put some washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle and sprayed all around the edges of my kitchen and around the dishwasher. From that evening on I’ve had no more ants. I’m so impressed that washing up liquid offers a safe and easy solution to stop ants getting in the house, leaving the ants in the garden to eat flea and fly eggs 🙂Butterfly flowers pendant

I tried to get a good photo of some ants but this proved difficult and makes you realise how small they are. So here’s a prettier insect, some butterflies I painted on a pendant.

This glass cabochon got broken and not wanting to waste it I glued it back together and painted over the crack, so this one is for me!


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