Cat Limping

My cat Lottie was walking on three paws last week. It looked as though she had been bitten or possibly stung by a bee – My ceanothus was in full flower and swarming with bees, although heavy rain and wind has sadly battered the blossom since!

She had a small raised bump on her paw and I bathed this with salt water, as much as she would let me anyway!

Lottie scratching post


It was obviously sore but she would still scratch the scratching post with it and clean her head using that paw, just wouldn’t walk on it.

I gave it a few days hoping it would heal but eventually arranged a trip to the vet.

This was not a happy experience for her and my normally friendly, gentle, good-natured cat hissed at the vet and was generally uncooperative. Since she is a rescue cat, the vet said she’d probably had a bad experience at the vets. He managed a brief look at her paw and prescribed antibiotics and pain killers.



So back home the tricks for disguising tablets in cat food began! As cat owners know your kitty is not stupid and successfully hiding tablets in food one day often doesn’t work the next!

  • Day one I crushed the tablets in a small amount of her usual wet food.
  • Day two she was having none of it until I added some tuna juice.
  • This worked again on day three but day four I had to disguise it in tuna fish itself.
  • Luckily it was only a weeks prescription and the tuna treats continued to work and by day six she was walking on her paw.
  • The day after the painkillers stopped she started limping again but thankfully with the end of the antibiotics she was back to normal and playing, walking as usual 🙂

Here she is enjoying the garden

Lottie on the garden table

Aside from giving Lottie lots of tlc, I’ve been looking into doing my first newsletter. It will have some special offers and you can register for it on the right.

I’ve also been busy putting my paintings on Zazzle products. Here are some

Tabby Cat Jigsaw puzzle
Rabbit and poppies favour box
Zebra Coat Rack
Something different, my zebra glass painting with a purple glow digital effect!



2 thoughts on “Cat Limping”

  1. Love the gift box and the zebra rack!

    Poor Lottie-puss, glad she is better now. We have a rescue cat too, called Tom, who came to us in December. His adventures so far are recorded on my own blog – he’s had plenty already!
    Our previous cat wouldn’t eat tablets, but we had a lot of success with hiding them in some good, strong cheddar cheese – he would do almost anything for cheese! – just in case that might help with Lottie if she ever needs tablets again.

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