1984 Diary Wednesday 18th April, Day of Pituitary Operation

I wasn’t aware of anything for a few days after my operation but my wonderful dad wrote notes for me. My diagnosis was Craniopharyngioma with Cushings, extremely rare and I had a craniotomy to remove the tumour.

Copying up from dad‘s notes so I haven’t a clue what the weather was like!

I woke up at 5:40am, probably because of the nurses waking me to have a drink before my operation. I had my pre-med at 10:25am and did it hurt. I do remember that, despite it being the 7th of May when I’m writing this up.

Mum arrived at 9:05am so dad tells me, which was very good of her. Had a very nice porter who took me down for my op at 10:45. Mum and dad had lunch at Evergreens while I was having my operation, which finished at 3.15pm (wow it was a long op wasn’t it!).

I then had a 10 minutes eye test and gripping of toes, which I don’t really remember. I was also wired up to a blood pressure and temperature machine, oh and a pulse.

At 5pm I apparently asked if it had started, which I vaguely remember! Anyway I then went to sleep again and poor old mum and dad didn’t go to bed till 2:15am, so dad’s written.

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