Easter egg

1984 Diary 22nd April Easter Day

I don’t mention it’s Easter Sunday in my diary, but oddly one memory I do have of this time is repeatedly asking who had given me which Easter Egg! (I had major short term memory loss after the operation, a side effect of craniotomy. Most pituitary operations are transsphenoidal nowup the nose. Please see The Pituitary Foundation link if you need any further information on treatments and consider a donation. Only 8 days left of my 30 day diary now!)

It was hot and sunny today, so dad’s notes tell me and 23 degrees C.

Early morning I was apparently wide awake for the first time and said to mum “I would like some tomato soup”.

Family friends P and R came and dad got a lift in with them. They obviously stayed a while but I couldn’t tell you how long. Mum then went home with them and dad stayed.

Dad said I had a good day but I can’t remember a thing about it, which is not really surprising. I didn’t do that much during the day at this time anyway. After all it is only four days after my operation and I wasn’t awake much. In fact I slept a lot of the time.

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