Miniature in many ways

I’m loving painting in miniature and I’ve now got the ACEO bug. Maybe it’s because I’m short, only 4ft11″!
My miniature paintings on jewellery have gone down well and I’ve only recently discovered ACEO, which stands for art cards, editions and originals. They are an affordable way to buy and collect art, 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size and can be in any media. There is a very friendly forum thread on Folksy called ACEO and other Art chat, where we talk about our art and life in general with some silliness thrown in! It’s great being part of this group with some very talented artists and they introduced me to ACEO.

I’ve painted mine in acrylic and then over-layed them with acetate, on which I’ve painted an animal with glass paint. I like the effect of this and I’ve also done some over photographs I’ve taken. With these I’ve used brads to attach the acetate to the paper. Again the forum came to the rescue with this dilemma and Max from paperchainsandbeads also suggested laminating. This hadn’t occurred to me, so I will be treating myself to a laminator soon!

They will have their first outing at my next craft fair on Saturday & I’ve put a couple on ebay. I probably made a mistake only putting them on for one day, so the auction ends this evening but I guess it’s trial and error. Here they are and you can see a couple more on my website here

Dalmatian Dog Dotty
Dalmatian Dog Dotty ACEO
Tree Owl ACEO
Tree Owl ACEO

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