Friday 6th April 1984 – Exhibition Day 2

Gray and it’s quite cold, considering it’s April.

Helped at the exhibition again.We did even more interesting things today. This morning we helped with dressing up. Mostly girls came and they looked so sweet in the saris we put them in. Anyway, I now know how to put a sari on and it’s not that complicated. 

After lunch we swapped over with C and K, alternating with Mancala game and giving children a taste of Bangladesh food.
R and I had more success with Mancala this time. Quite a few children had a game.  R stayed with Mancala but I did the food. It was quite nice food actually, not too hot. Most of the children liked it and the teachers.

It’s really been great fun helping and children are great to work with.They are so enthusiastic and interested about everything

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