1984 Diary  Monday 30th April

Thank you if you’ve been following my 30 day challenge in April, to write up my teenage diary and raise awareness of Pituitary conditions. I can’t believe it’s the last day of April already and I’m relieved that I didn’t miss a day!

The Pituitary Foundation will also be very grateful for any donations, being a small charity. It’s been a bit of an emotional marathon rereading my diagnosis of Craniopharyngioma with Cushings but my teenage words also made me laugh at times!
Here’s today’s entry in 1984 and a summary of what happened next.

Dad arrived at 9am. We then saw Dr H who was very pleased with my progress and said I should be going to ward 5D today (hurray!).

Dad and I then went for a walk and we got a Waterman pen (dad’s so good to me). We really went for the walk to buy a sticky bun, as I fancied one but we didn’t get much luck.  Which was a bit ridiculous, as there wasn’t a cake shop in sight.

Anyway, I went back to hospital and had lunch. R came this afternoon, which was nice and we found a cake shop. I had a bakewell tart and it was gorgeous, R had an ├ęclair and dad had a nut crunch. Mum came at 4pm, as R was going and then dad left at 4.30pm.

Mum and I listened to my radio GOSH tape and it was quite good but mum kept saying how high I sounded (I did sound very giggly).

There is no room in 5D yet but I don’t really mind, as I’ve got to know the nurses here so well now. Mum left at about 9pm.

I stayed at Great Ormond Street until the 4th May. Went home with pituitary replacement medication, including DDAVP, which you had to sniff up your nose through a tube. There are tablets now but I still call it ‘sniff’ our nickname!

5 weeks later I went on to do my o-levels and played scrabble through the summer holidays with dad, to help my memory. I struggled with A-levels but managed to get a place to study for a BSc Environmental Science degree. Since I’ve had an interesting career from housing assistant, admin, acting, carer to present day creative arts (which you can read here and in my about section).

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